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Proellixe Whole Body Vibration Workouts

Using the Proellixe machine

What can Proellixe Whole body Vibration do for you?

The Proellixe Vibration machine will help you strengthen, slim and energize without pain, sweat or strain. Just remove your shoes and socks and train three times a week for 10 minutes.

Professional athlete, celebrities, and more and more ordinary people across Europe and North America are using vibration workouts.

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You will simply remove your shoes and socks, step on the machine and experience a workout. You will not work up a sweat but your body will get a lot of exercise in 10 minutes. You will be able to get on with your day afterward without feeling tired or stiff. In fact most people feel energized after a Proellixe workout.

Here are some of the known benefits:

From young adult to senior, regardless of your level of fitness, you can benefit from training on the Proellixe Vibration machine.

Free trial on the Proellixe Vibration Machine!
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Our Proellixe Price Schedule lists prices for various workout packages.

How Proellixe Vibration Works

Proellixe vibrating platform

During your workout, you will stand on the vibration platform of the Proellixe machine. The platform transmits small, rapid vibrations upward through your body. Your muscles automatically respond to these vibrations with resistance. The stress on the body is minimal, but the positive impact is great. As muscle tone, firmness and density increase, the metabolic rate goes up, since an increase in muscle mass requires more energy.

In 20 sessions of 10 minutes each, whole body vibration has been equated by some researchers as being equal to 60 minutes of strength training and core conditioning. It represents a true revolution in the treatment of cellulite and lymphatic drainage, in the mobilization of fat, and the strengthening of ligaments, tendons and muscle.

The specific vibration rates available on the Proellixe machine have been developed based on the scientific study of results attained by test subjects using the machine.

The science behind Proellixe Vibration workouts has been developed in the former Soviet Union, Italy and the United States. Vibration training was first used in the Soviet Union 30 years ago in secret programs for athletes and ballet dancers. Dr. Carmelo Bosco in Italy extended the Soviet science and developed the concept of whole-body vibration, as used on the Proellixe machine.

NASA, the United States space agency, conducted research with astronauts to prove the benefits of whole body vibration.

Free trial on the Proellixe Vibration Machine!
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Proellixe Technology

muscle fibres

A stretched muscle fibre will contract by reflex. Simply standing barefoot on the vibrating machine passively stretches your muscles which then contract by reflex. These millions of muscle contractions will increase muscle mass, tone and size. As muscle mass increases, your metabolic rate increases which helps your body to burn fat.

Because whole body vibration is a "passive" exercise, neither perspiration nor lactic acid is generated. What this means for you is no increase in your heart rate, no need for a shower after, and no achy muscles the following day!

Research is confirming that whole body vibration stimulates muscle spindles and initiates muscle contractions. Whole body vibration elicits muscular activity and thus is a form of exercise rather than passive vibration.

Proellixe Machine

Originally developed for the space program to prevent bone density changes in astronauts, studies show a positive correlation between whole body vibration and increase in peak bone density. Other studies cite improvement in lumbosacral proprioception, strength, power and velocity.

Free trial on the Proellixe Vibration Machine!
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Seniors and people with debilitating health conditions

After the age of 40, adults lose a quarter to a third of a pound of muscle a year and gain that much in body fat. For many seniors and people with debilitating health conditions, weight training, aerobics, running and other high impact training methods simply are not an option.

Vibration training is a low impact, non-strenuous and non-invasive workout. Vibration training is a simple solution to preventing age-related muscle loss. Not only does it improve muscle strength, but also increases flexibility and range of motion, enhances critical blood flow throughout the body, expedites the recovery and regeneration of damaged tissue and ultimately enhances the general wellness and quality of life for individuals. The elderly often improve their balance because the vibrations stimulate the body's balancing mechanisms.

The revolutionary whole body vibration therapy is also suitable for people with medical conditions including heart disease, MS, Osteoporosis and injuries that preclude more traditional high-impact cardiovascular exercise.

Before beginning any exercise program it is advisable to consult your physician. 


While the Proelixe workout can be helpful for individuals with a variety of health conditions, it does not cure these conditions. It is necessary to carefully consider the following possible contraindications:

Awaken your inner and outer beauty.

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