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Bodysculpting and Skin Toning

with the Beautytek System

Salon Indigo is pleased to offer our clients the very latest in European holistic beauty treatments using the BeautytekTM system.


Beautytek treatments can be applied to any part of the body for many kinds of aesthetic problems. Among the most popular applications are:

The theory of Beautytek is simple; make the body well from the inside and the benefits will show on the outside.

Beautytek uniquely combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and contemporary computer technology with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to produce excellent and long lasting therapy results.

In contrast to conventional instruments, beautytek analyses the body area to assess the client's requirements before starting the treatment. Then, using bio-cybernetic principles, the self-repair mechanisms of the body are stimulated leading to stunning therapeutic results.

The treatment is entirely painless, non-invasive, and relaxing for the client. The duration and number of treatments varies from person to person. We usually recommend an initial course of 12 treatments to ensure optimum results.


Developed by an Italian/American team of scientists, the Beautytek system was first introduced in Europe and is assembled in Germany by Medilab GmbH & Co.

For a more detailed discussion, including before and after photos, please see Beautytek FAQs or make an appointment for a consultation with our professionally trained certified technician. Our Beautytek price schedule lists the average costs for various treatments.

Pamper Yourself

You may choose to combine your Beautytek treatment with some of our other salon services.

Awaken your inner and outer beauty.

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